Career List

Position Title: Jail Oversight Board (JOB) Liaison

Salary: Contracted Position - Compensation commensurate with experience, but not to exceed $85,000/yearly

How to Apply:

Applications are submitted online until the position is filled and/or the posting is closed. After reviewing this job announcement, please click on the link at the bottom of the page to apply online. A resume is required with the application. Further instructions on submission of documents are available in the online application. A resume may not be substituted for an application.

Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Sociology, Criminal Justice, or related field. Equivalent experience in lieu of degree, with a minimum of three (3) years of experience working in human services, public health, case management services, and/or a criminal justice-affiliated environment. 

Act 33/34 Clearances are required prior to appointment at the cost of the applicant. 

Candidates for this position must provide proof of a Covid 19 vaccination. Allegheny County will allow for medical and religious exemptions from the requirements in accordance with state and federal law. 

Additionally, it is the policy of Allegheny County that in order to receive a final offer of employment, candidates must successfully pass a background check, which includes verification of Allegheny County Real Estate Tax status, and drug/medical examinations as required for the position. The pre-employment drug screen must be completed within 48 hours of the acceptance of the conditional offer of employment.

Position Summary:

The Allegheny County Jail Oversight Board (JOB) is a statutory body consisting of Allegheny County officials and citizens that oversee the operation and maintenance of Allegheny County Jail (ACJ). This includes oversight of the alternative housing facilities of the Allegheny County Bureau of Corrections and the health and safekeeping of incarcerated individuals. The Liaison shall assist the JOB in fulfilling its statutory duties pursuant to 61 Pa.C.S. §§ 1721-28.

This position is housed within the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office, as the Sheriff is a JOB member, but the Liaison shall be managed by the entire Board. The duties and responsibilities under this role in no way supersede or replace the JOB’s statutory duties.

  • Receive, address, and document all steps regarding processing information and complaints about the conditions of confinement at ACJ. Generate weekly logs regarding complaints to be shared with JOB members.
  • Conduct inspections of ACJ and alternative housing facilities on JOB’s behalf, document all information electronically, and report back to JOB all facts, findings, and observations.
  • Regularly observe the living and physical site conditions at ACJ and all other alternative housing facilities. The liaison will conduct at least three (3) direct observations per facility each month and generate reports for JOB consideration.
  • Pursuant to 61 Pa.C.S. § 1724, assist the JOB in conducting biannual inspections of ACJ, in addition to any follow-up visits required to address issues or complaints brought to the JOB’s attention. The liaison shall assist in identifying known problem areas and may assist JOB members with drafting their written reports for public dissemination after inspections.
  • Answering calls and letters from incarcerated individuals, community agencies, and/or the public who may call regarding an incarcerated individual. All calls shall be processed within three (3) business days and letters within seven (7) business days of receipt. Communication with ACJ staff may be needed to efficiently deliver letter responses.
  • The liaison may also receive complaints for follow-up through a JOB member and shall investigate and report directly back to the JOB with any findings, observations, and/or resolutions.
  • The liaison will provide the JOB monthly reports of complaints regarding ACJ and all other alternative housing facilities. These reports are to be prepared and delivered to the JOB as a whole and sensitive information shall remain confidential unless otherwise directed by the JOB.
  • All other responsibilities may be assigned by the JOB with prior written notice.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Knowledge of:
  • Jail environments and community agency resources
  • Social work, mental and public health, or criminal justice areas
  • Understanding incarcerated individuals; prior crisis management and/or legal experience a plus
  • Local and state laws, rules, regulations, and policies
  • Microsoft Office, Excel and County computer systems and databases 

Ability to:
  • Conduct jail inspections, interviews with incarcerated individuals and jail staff.
  • Searches for documents and records.
  • Engage with all racial, cultural, religious, and gender-based identities.
  • Establish effective working relationships with government and jail staff, jail residents, governmental agencies, and the public.
  • Deal effectively with potentially hostile or dangerous jail situations.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate strong organizational and interpersonal skills.


Residency: Allegheny County within 1 year.
Veterans' Preference: Will be awarded to eligible candidates.