Position Title: Pharmacist

Salary: Hourly: $52.88 || Annual: $110,000.00

How to Apply:

Applications are submitted online until the position is filled and/or the posting is closed. After reviewing this job announcement, please click on the link at the bottom of the page to apply online. A resume is required with the application. Further instructions on submission of documents are available in the online application. A resume may not be substituted for an application.

Minimum Requirements:

Two (2) years of experience in the practice of pharmacy


Graduation from an accredited school of pharmacy. 


License Requirement: Possession of a license as a registered pharmacist issued by the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy.  

Education & College Transcripts

If you are claiming college education to meet minimum requirements or as a part of your application, including supplemental questions, you must submit or attach a copy of your official college transcripts for your claim to be accepted. Unofficial Transcripts will not be accepted. 

Condition of Employment

It is the policy of Allegheny County that in order to receive a final offer of employment, candidates must successfully pass a background check, which includes verification of Allegheny County Real Estate Tax status, and drug/medical examinations as required for the position. The pre-employment drug screen must be completed within 48 hours of the acceptance of the conditional offer of employment.

Employment Type

  • Full-Time, Mid-Senior Level.
  • This position is contingent upon grant funding

Relevant Experience

You will receive a score based on the experience you report on your application for employment. It is therefore important that you provide complete and accurate information. Failure to do so may delay the processing of your application or result in a lower than deserved score or disqualification. Call our Office of Human Resource Management if you have any questions.

Who is Eligible

Applications will be accepted from certified Merit System employees of the Allegheny County Health Department and outside candidates who possess the experience and training listed in this announcement and who are capable of performing the duties of this position.


  • Minimum Requirements - 40%
  • Relevant Skills & Experience - 20%
  • Supplemental Questions - 40%

Supplemental Questions

Please be prepared to answer the following questions. You may upload as a Word document answers to the supplemental questions in the “Upload Page” of the application. Make sure to note “See attached” after the statement on the application form if you are attaching a separate document. If you are unable to upload the document, email to ACHD Human Resources Department.

  1. Describe your experience providing culturally appropriate medical treatment to marginalized populations (i.e. homeless, IVDU, LGBTQ+, minorities, etc.)?
  2. Describe your experience creating health promotion/health education materials.
  3. Describe your experience in writing clinical protocols and procedures.
  4. Describe your experience with quality improvement.

Allegheny County Civil Service Employees (Non-ACHD)

Regular or probationary employees of County Departments currently in this classification, hired under a State Civil Service System, who apply for this position will not be considered as Open Competitive applicants. Those employees selected for transfer to the Allegheny County Health Department will be considered to have resigned their Civil Service status from the Department in which they are currently working and will be required to complete a probationary period with the Health Department. Please refer to Instruction Sheet for proper completion of Allegheny County Employment Application Form.

This announcement may be modified, amended or canceled by the Allegheny County Health Department at any time.


To establish open competitive and promotional eligible lists for use in making merit system appointments in the Allegheny County Health Department. The list will contain the names of successful candidates ranked in the order of final earned ratings. The list will be in effect for one (1) year unless previously exhausted or superseded.

In the ranking, open competitive applicants qualifying for Veteran’s Preference receive an additional ten points on the final earned rating. Form DD-214 must be attached to the application form for consideration for Veteran’s Preference. Determination of Veteran’s Preference is made in accordance with State Civil Service Policy.

If you are claiming veteran's preference, then proof of eligibility; DD-214 Form or other comparable military document must be submitted for initial claim. The document must show dates of entry and separation and character of service.

Credit for a degree or college coursework can only be accepted from an official transcript submitted directly from the college or university to Allegheny C0unty Health Department.

Reasonable Accommodations Statement

To accomplish this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation, each essential function satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to help enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Position Summary:

This is professional and administrative work in the planning, organizing, and directing of the complete operation of a large-scale county-wide public health pharmacy involving multiple clinical programs. An employee in this class has responsibility for dispensing drugs and pharmaceutical supplies, and for administering the requisition, receipt, inspection, refrigerated storage, inventory control and shipment of a heavy volume of drugs and clinical supplies in support of a variety of public health programs in the County. Upon appropriate direction and authorization from State or Federal health officials, emergency shipments may be made to other state and municipal locations. Professional duties are performed in accordance with accepted pharmaceutical standards and practices. Supervision is exercised over contract pharmacists. General supervision and technical advice is received from a physician (Deputy Director of Clinical Services or Department Director).


Fringe Benefits

  • Paid holidays, personal days, vacation and sick leave benefits, medical coverage and dental benefits, a retirement plan, life insurance and a deferred compensation plan after eligibility requirements have been met.

Perks Working for ACHD

  • Professional growth through training opportunities (CPR, First AID, Public Health Preparedness, Dignity and Respect, Points of Dispensing, and more); ability to advance in county system; job security; meaningfulness in daily work derived from public service; eligible for federal loan forgiveness; organizational commitment to ACHD’s mission to protect, promote, and preserve the health and well-being of all Allegheny County residents, particularly the most vulnerable.


  • Optimize medication treatment regimens based on appropriate indication, safety, efficacy, and adherence.
  • Coordinate patient treatment plans with ACHD physicians and care team.
  • Perform medication histories, triage patient medication-related needs, and when needed, coordinate care between patients’ pharmacies and other providers.
  • Provide patient education re: new medications, drug-drug interactions, monitoring.
  • Provide patient-centered medication dispensing.
  • Optimize documentation for medication reconciliation and medication history processes.
  • Reorder medication refills.
  • Review and revise medication/vaccine standing orders.
  • Review and update pharmacy policies and procedures.
  • Perform continuous quality improvement on EHR documentation for ongoing clinical pharmacy patient care.
  • Support Clinical Services Bureau programs with drug orders.
  • Work with pharmacy wholesalers for medication supply management.
  • Support clinical teams with drug shortages and backorders.
  • Participate in planning and execution of exercises and drills that support ACHD’s role in the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).
  • Lead Coordination of ACHD Pharmacy contractors.
  • Oversee updates and communication with pharmacy software vendor.
  • Relay prevalent clinical patient care information to all pharmacy partners.
  • Identify funding opportunities to support collaborations between community pharmacies, FQHCs, and health departments to support public health initiatives (e.g., coordination of public health services, community health worker training for pharmacy staff).
  • Support efforts around emergency preparedness planning and pharmacy’s role in medical countermeasure response.
  • Provides consultation on pharmacy matters to other health professionals of the Allegheny County Health Department and other jurisdictions.
  • Prepares correspondence to drug and clinical supplies contractors and vendors relating to errors or discrepancies in products, shipments, exchanges, credits, etc.
  • Maintains an on-going storage and inventory-control program.
  • Controls the shipment and logistics activities required to distribute drugs and supplies to appropriate locations in support of public health programs.
  • Assist with implementation of billing for pharmacy services.
  • Furnishes information concerning medications to physicians, fellows, nurses and others.
  • Responds to public health emergencies.
  • Performs related duties.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • Knowledge of the current principles and practices of pharmacy and pharmacology.
  • Knowledge of Federal and State laws regulating the practice of pharmacy.
  • Considerable knowledge of procurement practices in the field of drugs and clinical supplies, the proper methods of distribution, requisition, inventory control and refrigerated storage, and the reliability of companies supplying these items.
  • Knowledge of administrative and supervisory practices in the management of a pharmacy.
  • Knowledge of a variety of public health programs requiring pharmaceutical services.
  • Competent knowledge and use of Microsoft Office programs and other database programs.

Skill in:

  • Pharmacy Management
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Patient Care
  • Oral Communication
  • Medication Management
  • Health Care Systems
  • Pharmacy
  • Rx
  • Microsoft Office

Ability to:

  • Ability to represent ideas effectively, concisely and accurately, both orally and in writing and present themselves in a professional manner.
  • Ability to establish effective relationships with medical and other personnel involved in public health programs.
  • Ability to plan, supervise and organize pharmaceutical services.
  • Ability to establish procedures and controls for dispensing a variety of drugs.
  • Must be able to work in a team environment.
  • Ability to respond to public health emergencies.

Residency: Allegheny County within 1 year.
Veterans' Preference: Will be awarded to eligible candidates.