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Allegheny County prides itself on its diversity. From our citizenry to our workforce, individuals of all ages, colors, disabilities, national origin, religions, races, and genders have a role in our county. That diversity also applies to the county’s authorities, boards and commissions as every attempt is to make each of these entities as diverse as the county itself.

If you have an interest in serving on an authority, board or commission, and would like to bring your own diverse background to the table, you may send a letter of interest and your resume to:

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Hospital Development Authority

Contact: Jack Exler 
Phone: 412-350-1023 
Address: One Chatham Center, Suite 900
112 Washington Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15219 
Meeting Place: One Chatham Center, Suite 900, Boardroom 
Meeting Time: 9:30 am 
This Authority is included under the umbrella organization "Finance and Development Commission." The Allegheny County Hospital Development Authority (the "ACHDA") was established under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania pursuant to the Municipality Authorities Act of 1945, approved May 2, 1945, P.L. 382, as amended (the "Municipality Authorities Act"). Formation of the ACHDA was approved by the Allegheny County Board of Commissioners on 5/27/71 and its Articles of Incorporation were issued by the Commonwealth on 6/17/71. The ACHDA was created and is authorized by law to acquire, hold, construct, finance, improve, maintain, operate, own and lease, as lessee or lessor, health centers (including but not limited to, personal care facilities and nursing homes), hospitals and facilities devoted to hospital purposes. Financing is provided by the Authority through the issuance of tax-exempt bonds. The rate and term of financing are negotiated. The interest income on the bonds may be exempt from federal and Commonwealth income taxes which results in a reduced rate to the borrower. The borrower must comply with applicable requirements of the Code and Regulations.


John Brown, Jr.
Daniel C. Connolly
Victor H. Diaz
Stephanie Lynn Turman