Allegheny County Employment Application


   Dear Applicant:

   Thank you for your interest in employment with Allegheny County. The following information is
   provided to assist you through the application process. Please read it carefully.

You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer if you wish to print out your application.
If you do not have Adobe and would like to install, get the free Adobe PDF Reader.                                                         

  • Whether you are completing an application on paper or online, a separate application must be completed for each position for which you are applying. The paper application is available at the address below.
  • You may not substitute a resume for an application. If a resume is required you must submit one in addition to the application. *
  • Only the information you provide will be used to determine whether you meet the posted minimum requirements. Do not skip or leave any requested information blank. Include all education, employment, volunteer and military experience. Please indicate if experience is Full-Time, Part-Time, or an internship and if you received college credit and/or compensation (two (2) years of Part-Time experience is equivalent to one (1) year of Full-Time experience).
  • Describe in detail the duties of all positions you have held. Include dates of employment (month/year).
  • For the online application
    • Upload photocopies of any required licenses, certifications, etc. (e.g. driver's license,
      paramedic certification, nursing license, etc.). If you are unable to upload documents,
      please mail or fax the documents to the address below.
    • Please be sure to complete this application in its entirety. You will not be able to save
      the application and return to it later. Once it is completed and you click “submit”,
      you will be able to print and save a copy of the application at that time.
  • All paper applications must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources/Application Intake by the closing date shown on the job announcement (if applicable). *

   * Please note that an incomplete or late application will not be considered.

    Residency Requirement:   Within one (1) year of appointment and acceptance of a position, an employee will
    be required to move to and live within Allegheny County for the duration of employment.

For further information on employment opportunities with Allegheny County, please visit our Job Opportunities Page

Information for Applicants with Disabilities: If you require assistance when completing the employment application or you anticipate a need for an accommodation during the selection process due to a disability, then please contact the Department of Human Resources at the address below or by calling 412-350-6830.
Allegheny County does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of a protected class including: race;
color; religion; national origin; sex; gender identity or expression; sexual orientation; disability; age; or any
other basis protected by federal, state or local law.

If you are unable to upload documents, please mail or fax the documents to:

Allegheny County Department of Human Resources
Room 102 County Office Building
542 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Attn: Application Intake
Fax: 412-350-5230
     Be sure to note your name on each document and to specify the position for which you are applying.

     If you would like to receive notification regarding the receipt of your application and your
     eligibility status, then please be sure to provide a valid email address on your application. 
     Please allow approximately two weeks to process your application.